The Triad Radiology Associates Team

Breast Imaging

Breast imaging is a subspecialty of radiology that focuses on the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancers.

Breast imaging radiologists are clinical experts who must meet strict criteria for quality and adhere to the highest standards of care. They conduct a wide range of duties, which typically include:

  • Interpreting annual screening mammograms
  • Performing comprehensive imaging evaluations of abnormal screening mammograms as well as abnormal clinical breast exams such as breast lumps and breast pain
  • Performing biopsies using mammography, ultrasound, and/or breast MRI

Our breast imaging specialists work closely with a variety of healthcare professionals, including breast surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses, pathologists, OB/GYNs, and family practitioners in order to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will meet all your needs. For our breast imaging radiologists, this particular subspecialty is among the most rewarding because it offers a unique opportunity to save lives through the early detection of breast cancer.