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With 36 radiologists and 7 mid-level practitioners on staff, our care givers have the credentials and experience to ensure you receive the highest quality imaging services. All of our radiologists are Board Certified.

Triad Radiology seeks to provide the best service, quality, care and value in diagnostic imaging. Service for us means customer service - treating each patient exactly how we ourselves would like our family and loved ones to be treated.

  • Triad Radiology provides our patients and referring physicians with high-quality imaging services, specifically Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Professional certified technologists and board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists dedicated to delivering thorough, accurate and prompt reports while providing high-quality compassionate patient care
  • Flexible scheduling, featuring same-day or next-day appointments (insurance permitting)
  • 24-hour report turn around and 2-hour call reports for STAT appointments
  • We maintain American College of Radiology Certification for our facilities in all areas of imaging specialties.

Musculoskeletal Radiology

Musculoskeletal Radiology is the subspecialty of radiology dedicated to expertise in diagnosing orthopedic and rheumatologic disorders.  Our Musculoskeletal radiologists are physicians that have completed a year long fellowship dedicated to musculoskeletal radiology after completing a diagnostic radiology residency.  These radiologists are experts in interpretation of bone, joint, and soft tissue diagnostic imaging modalities, including orthopedic X-rays, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT, and MRI.  They also perform image guided minimally-invasive procedures, including image guided arthrograms, bone & soft tissue image-guided biopsies, and pain management procedures (including joint injections and spinal procedures).

Meet our musculoskeletal radiologists!

Dr. Patrick Markwalter

Dr. James Sancrant

Dr. Andrew Deibler

Dr. Bradley VanDyke 

Dr. Sean Ploof

Dr. Sean Smith


Neuroradiology is a subpecialized area of radiology pertaining to imaging of diseases and disorders of the nervous system.  This includes the brain, neck, and spine. Our neuroradiologists are fellowship trained in neuroradiology, having completed 1-2 years of subspecialty training after completing a radiology residency.  Our neuroradiologists also perform myelograms, which requires an injection of contrast into the cerebrospinal fluid space (usually in the lower back).  

Meet our neuroradiologists!

Dr. Tom Wiggins

Dr. Ted Kerner

Dr. Kevin Spangler

Dr. James (Mac) Davis

Dr. William Patton 

Dr. Brian McElhinney

Dr. Michael Reardon

Dr. Edward Lopez

Dr. Gina Paek

Breast Imaging

Breast Imaging is the subspecialty of radiology dedicated to early detection and diagnosis of breast cancers.  Breast radiologists are responsible for interpreting annual screening mammograms and perform comprehensive imaging evaluations of abnormal screening mammograms.  Breast Radiologists also perform imaging evaluations for abnormal clinical breast examinations, such as breast lumps and breast pain.  These comprehensive breast imaging evaluations usually include a diagnostic mammogram and, particularly for palpable abnormalities, breast ultrasound.  Breast imagers also perform breast biopsies using mammography, ultrasound, and/or breast MRI.  These radiologists work collaberate with the multidisciplinary team of doctors responsible for treating breast cancer (including breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and oncology nurses).  For many radiologists, breast imaging is among the most rewarding areas of radiology as we feel that it offers a unique opportunity to save lives through early detection of breast cancer.

Meet our breast radiologists!

Dr. Lee Ann Naylor

Dr. Marcella Butler

Dr. Helena Summers

Dr. Lauren Golding

Dr. James Sancrant

Dr. James (Mac) Davis

Dr. Dennis Clemens

Dr. Richard Reid

Dr. Liston Orr

Dr. Arnold Koriakin

Dr. Joseph Contento

Dr. Jeff Brody

Dr. Kevin Spangler

Dr. Geoffrey Rieser

Abdominal Imaging

Abdominal imaging is the subspecialty of radiology dedicated to diagnostic imaging of abdominal compartment diseases.  This includes imaging diagnosis of liver, gallbladder, bile duct, pancreas, gastro-intestinal tract, spleen, adrenal gland, kidny & bladder, and reproductive organ illnesses.  Abdominal imagers utilize X-rays, ultrasound, nuclear medicine & PET-CT, CT, and MRI technologies to diagnose, characterize, and follow treatment of abdominal illnesses.  Our Abdominal Imaging Team members have completed subspecialized year-long fellowships after completing a diagnostic radiology residency, and are board certified.

Meet Our Abdominal Imaging Team  

Dr. Scott Steffen

Dr. Leslie Fort

Dr. Andrew Deibler

Dr. Helena Summers

Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Vascular and Interventional Radiology is the subspecialized area of radiology dedicated to performing minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat a large variety of diseases.  These radiologists have completed intensive fellowships in interventional radiology following a residency in diagnostic radiology.  They utilize X-ray/fluoroscopic imaging, ultrasound, and CT technologies, along with specialized minimally-invasive surgical devices to perform procedures, such as organ biopsies, vascular stent placement, vascular access (such as tunneled dialysis catheters), and certain tumors (chemoembolization and tumor ablation).  Our interventional radiologists also treat cosmetic disorders, such as varicose veins.

Meet Our Interventional Radiologists!

Dr. Robert Varnell

Dr. Mark Stallworth

Dr. Robin Boyd-Kranis

Dr. Richard Bonsall

Dr. Jeffrey Horvath

Dr. Delip Patel

Interventional Neuroradiology

Interventional Neuroradiology is the highly specialized subspecialty in radiology dedicated to treatment of neurological disorders using image-guided, minimally-invasive neurosurgical procedures.  Neurointerventionalists perform complex procedures often through a small skin nick in the groin to gain catheter access, through which procedures such as intracranial aneurysm repair, acute stroke treatments, and vascular malformation treatments are performed.  Our neurointerventional radiologists also perform spinal procedures to treat disorders such as spinal compression fractures (including vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty).  Our neurointerventionalists, Drs. Brown and Heck, have completed extensive, multi-year fellowships in this field at internationally recognized prestigious medical centers (see bios links below), following completion of diagnostic radiology residencies.

Meet Our Interventional Neuroradiologists!

Dr. Donald Heck

Dr. Morry Brown

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is the subspecialty of radiology dedicated to imaging a large variety of disorders utilizing injected or inhaled particles that contain a very small amount of photon-emitting substances (radiopharmaceuticals) that allow for imaging the body from the inside out.  This unique area of radiology provides opportunity for both structural and functional evaluation of the body in order to detect and diagnose a variety of diseases. 

Dr. Liston Orr 

Dr. Sumeet Verma 

Dr. Garret Young

Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric Radiology is the subspecialty of radiology dedicated to providing diagnostic imaging for the pediatric population.  Our focus is to provide appropriate and effective pediatric diagnostic imaging services, while maintaining the highest standard of safety (see "Today's Image" article regarding safety in pediatric imaging, written by Dr. Auringer).

Dr. Sam Auringer

Dr. Lauren Golding

Emergency Radiology

Triad Radiology provides imaging services with rapid turn around time for emergent imaging examinations 24/7/365.  Emergency Radiology is an emerging subspecialty of diagnostic radiology, which has seen tremendous growth over the last decade due to the increasing role played by medical imaging in the acute care setting.  We have a dedicated team of radiologists that have expertise and experience in acute and urgent diagnostic imaging.  We provide emergent radiology interpretation services to 9 regional medical centers and multiple urgent care clinics around the clock.

Meet Our Emergency Radiology Team!

Dr. Bradley VanDyke 

Dr. Leslie Fort

Dr. Lauren Golding

Dr. Brian McElhinney

Dr. Edward Lopez

Dr. Gina Paek

Dr. Richard Sanchez


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